Coaching is increasingly recognized as integral in tackling the development and changes within organizations. It is a crucial means in developing leadership in complexe organizations.

We coach in three areas

  • Coaching individual leadership / executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Development op coaching leadership within organizations

Our approach

We believe that the chosen coaching approach should perfectly fit the individual’s and organization’s wishes and questions. We make use of a wide range of theories and methods, stemming from psychology, coaching and organization development.
We start off by formulating concisely what the relationship between coach, client and organization is, and what the coaching targets and boundaries are. This enables us to remain independent and will allow for sound evaluation of the results.
Our coaches have a wealth of experience both in leadership and in coaching. We are members of the European council for Mentoring and Coaching and we remain on top by operating within an active network of intervision and supervision. We adhere to the behavioral code of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches).
Read more about the behavioral code.